Inspired by India's fragrant badam milk and Korea's nutty yulmu-cha, NutSip was started with a goal of creating a new kind of wholesome beverage. Using only trusted and high-quality ingredients, we strive to create unique flavors that expand and tempt the palate, while bringing comfort and joy to loved ones


When we set out to start NutSip, we had three desires - to give you something new, something wholesome, and something bighearted 


NutSip brings new but familiar flavors to warm-beverage lovers around the world. Inspired by Korea's grain teas, and India's spiced milks, we've combined only the best ingredients from these beautiful beverages, to create Sweet Nut-Crème Tea


We prepare NutSip with the highest quality trusted ingredients. Using only nuts & seeds to create a nutty creaminess, honey for gentle sweetness, and spices to create the delicate flavor notes that  make you smile


Encouraging educational growth and the pursuit of dreams is our passion. Using net profits, our goal is to provide educational opportunities to those who have great ambition but limited resources. We strive to help people of all ages