• Root Beer

    A delicious twist on a classic flavor, Root Beer NutSip is blended with natural sarsaparilla, anise and birch barks. Sweetened with the deep flavor of organic sucanat, this NutSip is sure to make you smile.


             Natural  -  Trusted Ingredients  -  Caffeine Free  -  8 Servings


    NutSip Collection

    Inspired by India's fragrant Badam Milk and Korea's nutty Yulmu-cha,
    NutSip was created to bring new wholesome and comforting beverages
    to the US. We use only trusted, high quality ingredients to create unique
    flavors that expand and tempt the palate.


    • Mix 2 Tablespoons of NutSip into 1 cup of hot unsweetened almond milk or dairy milk (not recommended with soy milk). Slight separation may occur making the last sips the most savored.