• Roasted Peanut

    For the less-sweet beverage lovers, Roasted Peanut NutSip's lightly sweetened nuttiness makes this comfort-in-a-cup. Our original flavor, this is the most creamy and wholesome in the NutSip collection. 


    Certified Organic  -  Trusted Ingredients  -  Caffeine Free  -  10 Servings 


    NutSip Collection

    Inspired by India's fragrant Badam Milk and Korea's nutty Yulmu-cha,NutSip was created to bring new wholesome and comforting beveragesto the US. We use only trusted, high quality ingredients to create uniqueflavors that expand and tempt the palate.


    • Mix 4 teaspoons of NutSip into 1 cup of hot unsweetened almond milk or dairy milk (not recommended with soy milk). Slight separation may occur making the last sips the most savored.