• Ginger Peanut

    With the uplifting comfort of ginger, Ginger Peanut NutSip is our favorite in the Peanut Collection. In this blend, the ginger is calmed with honey, creating mellow ginger and wholesomely nutty perfection. Welcome to warmth on a rainy day. 


    Certified Organic  -  Caffeine Free  -  10 Servings


    NutSip Collection

    Inspired by India's fragrant Badam Milk and Korea's nutty Yulmu-cha, Sweet Nut-Crème Tea is a wholesome warm-beverage mix, made with nuts, honey and spices. It's naturally caffeine-free and a delicious alternative to hot chocolate and other comfort beverages. It can be mixed with hot water or milk. We recommend mixing it with hot milk or non-dairy milk for a delightfully creamy treat.


    • Mix 1½ Tablespoons of NutSip into 8 oz of hot milk or milk alternative. Slight separation may occur making the last sips the most savored.

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